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Job/Position Title: Director of Cash Management Services
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Company: City of Los Angeles
Job Description: Job Announcement PDF

The Office of Finance is seeking an experienced individual to join the Department's management team. The Director of Cash Management Services is a high-level financial manager in the department and reports to the Assistant Director of Finance. The Director of Cash Management Services directs citywide banking and treasury activities. This position will be filled as exempt from civil service, and serves at the pleasure of the Director of Finance/City Treasurer.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Directing citywide banking and treasury activities;
  • Formulating, documenting, and implementing policies, procedures and programs relating to cash management, cash forecasting, liquidity management and other regulatory, internal control, and compliance issues;
  • Reviewing and negotiating banking and merchant services;
  • Overseeing account analysis, managing the compensating balance for banking transactions, and monitoring the budget for bank fees;
  • Overseeing cash management and debt service activities, including cash forecasting and liquidity management;
  • Supporting the City's strategic direction by helping the City achieve its financial objectives and meet relevant financial policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Conducting training for City departments on internal and external banking, credit card processing, debt servicing, and requests for bank and merchant accounts;
  • Analyzing trends in the utilization of services, monitoring bank balances, and coordinating electronic fund transfer payments for investment, working capital, and cash flow forecasting;
  • Participating in management's strategic planning, and conducting special administrative and research studies on improving delivery of financial services and system infrastructure/interfaces;
  • Recommending initiatives to enhance risk mitigation and fraud protection;
  • Developing, testing and maintaining business continuity and business resumption plans for financial operations;
  • Overseeing and leading the Payment Card Industry compliance;
  • Managing the implementation of the proposed treasury management system in collaboration with City departments and project consultants;
  • Evaluating requests for departmental and citywide banking services;
  • Issuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for banking services, service contracts, renewals and amendments between the City, financial institutions and other vendors;
  • Directing, coordinating, and reviewing accounting activities relating to reporting and audit of internal control of cash, custody and disbursement of City funds;
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the Finance Intranet;
  • Participating in financial analysis and due diligence support for the City's bond issuance;
  • Championing and supporting functional requirements and testing for treasury and financial systems' implementation and optimization;
  • Continuously reviewing treasury functions, streamlining operations and recommending process improvement;
  • Representing the Department before City Council, Council committees, City commissions, and other public and private agencies and groups to discuss the operation and services of Finance.
Job Requirements: The ideal candidate for this position will have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university with a degree in business administration, banking, finance, or economics. An MBA is preferred or ten years of professional experience managing staff involved in treasury operations, and/or a fiscal agency or financial operation involved in debt administration, trustee services, custodial (safekeeping or third party) services, paying agent functions, corporate or municipal financing, budgetary administration, or consulting for any of these activities. Have a discipline for high performance, act with integrity, take accountability, and cultivate creativity. A Certified Treasury Professional credential is required.
Contact Info: Electronic submittals are required. Interested candidates should immediately submit a resume, cover letter of interest, and three work-related references (include name, job title, affiliation, and telephone number) to:
City of Los Angeles - Office of Finance
Attn: Mindy DeYoung
Email: (Note: When e-mailing your application material, the subject line should reflect your name and the job title you are applying for.)
Questions may be referred to Mindy DeYoung at (213) 978-1763.
The filing period will close on Friday, January 29, 2016 by 4 p.m.

In order to be considered, resumes must include: A description of the size and function of the organizations managed; description of your role in the organization; at least one major professional accomplishment in which you played a key role; and any relevant experiences or unique characteristics which could further qualify you for this position.
Expires: January 29th, 2016
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