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When's A Token Not A Token?
There are three things that consumers, merchants, issuers and card networks all want from a payments experience: that it be secure, that it be easy to use and that it be available to consumers at all of the places they want to shop. The payments ecosystem has spent the last five decades building, supporting and evolving an infrastructure to deliver on that promise.

Pressure Builds for Faster Payments As The Clearing House Plans for Real-Time Settlement
The effort to bring faster payment settlement to the United States gained momentum this week with an announcement by The Clearing House Payments Co. LLC that it plans to build what it calls a "real-time payment system." The New York City-based organization, which is owned by the largest financial institutions in the country, said late on Wednesday the effort will be a "multiyear" endeavor involving its member banks.

Cybersecurity: The New Challenge for Treasurers - Thoughts And Best Practices From AFP
The New Challenge for Treasurers Cybersecurity is on the top of treasurers' minds these days, and for good reason. Reports of massive data breaches at major companies surface on what feels like a weekly basis. Yet there are measures that treasury departments can take to mitigate these risks, such as purchasing cyber insurance, making improvements to overall security systems, and working with law enforcement when a breach is detected.

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